About the Flagship

The Chinese Language Flagship Pilot Program at WKU became the 9th such Chinese Flagship in the nation in 2009. Sponsored by the National Security Education Program, our program seeks to bring students to the Superior level of Chinese proficiency during their undergraduate career. Students take Flagship courses every semester in addition to their major or minor coursework, working towards a level of professional proficiency in the language.  Students also participate in many funded intensive Chinese language opportunities in the U.S. and China during the Winter or Summer terms.  All students, upon reaching the Advanced-Mid level of proficiency, participate in a Capstone Year in China.  The Capstone Year consists of one semester of direct enrollment at Nanjing University, followed by a 4-6 month professional internship in their field of study in China. Students who complete this requirement and test at the Superior level will receive Flagship Certification by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The stories contained on this website show the journeys the students are undertaking to reach professional proficiency. We hope you enjoy following their challenges and successes!


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