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That’s right, everyone! We are back to summertime, and you know what that means…stories from our scholars. Our first post of the season is from Sarah. Sarah is a recent graduate of the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science, and will be officially a WKU student this Fall. Sarah has spent the past year and a half in Flagship courses as a high school student, and now she will be taking classes as a Flagship student. Sarah has received a National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) award to study in China this summer, all expenses paid! Before leaving, Sarah wrote the following. We look forward to hearing from her and everyone else throughout the summer. Safe travels!

Hello Everyone!


Because every story needs an introduction, and because I’m not yet half-way around the world, I thought it’d be fitting as my first post to say a bit about myself.

因为每故事需要用一个介绍 (也是因为我还在美国), 所以我认为写一个介绍可能是合适的。

First of all, for those who don’t know my name is Sarah. This summer I will be 18 years old, and this will be my second time going to China! Last year I went to Beijing and the Shandong province for two weeks. This summer I will be traveling to Xi’an for six weeks. I am now officially a student at Western Kentucky University. I have taken two years of Chinese now thanks to the Chinese Flagship program at WKU. It has been amazing, and everyone should check it out:


首先,我的名字是夕颜。这个夏天我会是十八岁了。这个夏天我也会回去中国旅行。这会是我的第二次旅行中国!^-^ 去年,我去北京和山东了两个星期。这个夏天我会旅行到西安了六个星期。我现在正式是学生在西肯塔基大学。我已经学习中文两年。

I am going to Xi’an through a scholarship called NSLI-Y. Although I still do not have too much information about my trip, as soon as I know you will, too! Also, I’m not sure how many people will read this (as I’m probably pretty blabby), but I know for sure that I will have at least one follower who keeps me motivated to keep writing. Hi mom!!! 🙂


由于一个奖学金叫NSLI-Y,我可以去西安为学习。虽然我还没有很多消息关于我的旅行,可是当我听说消息我一定会告诉你们!同时,我不知道谁会读这篇文章,可是我知道一个人会来看看 (你好,妈妈!)她总是启发我写。

So far, the only thing I really know about my trip is that I am staying with a host family- two parents and a 15-year-old sister named Xingyu!- and that I will be going to Chinese class from 8:00- 15:00 every weekday. Woo woo! We will also be touring some famous sites (such as museums and the Terracotta warriors) as well as some community service, which I’m looking forward to. There. Now you know as much as me!

只东西我真知道关于这个旅行是我会有一个主人家-父母和一个十五岁的妹妹叫醒予!-和我每天有一个很长的中文课(八点早上到三点下午  >.<)。我们会参观流行的名胜古迹比如说博物馆和兵马俑。也是,我们会做社区服务! 我很高兴我有这个机会。现在你知道我的将来计划。

The reason why I am doing this blog is not only to keep my friends and family updated, but also so I don’t forget all of my memories. I remember some things from last year in China, but a lot less than I care to admit. I hope that this blog will help me remember the little moments as well as the major ones. 🙂


I’m sort of trying in this introduction to simulateously answer all of the repetitive questions I’m asked, so… what am I looking forward to the most? 1.) my host family and 2.) food. I have always wanted to be a part of Chinese culture, and now I feel like I truly get the chance to. It’s not everyday you get a new family! Also, for anyone who has not tried authentic Chinese cuisine- I have feels for you. I wish I could smuggle you some back, but it would be cold, old, and illegal..



That’s about all I have so far! Here are a few side notes about this blog (in English):

1.) This is my first blog, so no makin’ fun of me.

2.) For those of you who can read my Chinese, I am terribly sorry if I butcher the grammar. It will improve as time goes on. 我很对不起我的语法非常糟糕。

3.) I will be translating everything I say in English and Chinese to practice my writing skills. If you post a question, I will respond in English and Chinese.

4.) COMING SOON: picture-taking in China. 🙂

5.) Aside from my actual experiences, I will also be posting things about Chinese language and media.

Have a fantastic day, and thanks for reading! 拜拜!