I woke up Friday morning at 6:30, like normal. Got ready, glanced over vocabulary one last time – for the last time – and walked to class. 8:00, written test. 10:15, oral presentation about the importance of art and philosophy to modern society. 11:00, speed packing.  At 1:00 was our graduation ceremony, and several bittersweet goodbyes and a surprise hailstorm later we were off.
Upon returning home, I expected I would be ridiculously tired and sad for the whole weekend, missing movie nights and “小脸比赛’s” and all the wonderful people I have come to call dear friends.
Yes, there is definitely a bit of that, but on the other hand it is quite glorious to know I can sleep in tomorrow and that there is not a workbook page in sight.
The biggest adjustment to make is my thinking, ultimately. I didn’t realize it, but in the conquest to learn a new language I surrendered much of my thought-life to Chinese speaking patterns. I can’t think/say, “Today’s weather is becoming more and more warm, it is giving my spirit good benefit!” anymore, and it is difficult to undo that.
I have to re-learn English, a little.
The next time I write, I will be preparing for a semester study abroad trip in Harbin, China! This is my very first trip abroad, and I’m sure a lot of you Flagship students will be relating to this experience very soon. I’ll do my best to keep you all posted on the whole process – packing, flying, travel advice, cultural experiences – anything you are interested to hear about.
So, until then, I hope you all have enjoyed my writing, and that it has been helpful to you in your own language-acquisition adventure!