Two More Weeks 
        is still a long time. But I guess after bracing myself for an eight-week intensive Chinese language program, the two weeks left are not so intimidating.
        The strange thing is, I don’t know if I am more relieved to be going home soon or sad that I won’t be here much longer.
        Because of a schedule conflict my friend and I could not be at church this morning, and our absence was surprisingly noticed. I received an email from a church friend asking how we were, letting us know we were missed today. It makes me sad to think next week is our last Sunday there (for a while, at least. When I am again in Bloomington, I’ll definitely go back!)
        Last night was performance night, and after the show a video was played with our pictures and jokes and memories of the past six weeks. FCI is a small enough program that you get to know a bit of everyone’s character: the really skinny, really animated guy with large square glasses who works as a deejay and does debate team. The grad student with a really deep voice who plays the cello. The half-Asian girl across the hall who drives a Mustang, listens to hardcore rap, and plays Nancy Drew computer games.
        I know it’s a little early to be getting mixed feelings, but I am. Yes, this has been a HUGE amount of work, and I do get weary of hearing, “孟迪,再说一次” because my tones were wrong again. But there is so much I have loved about being here and learning with this great group of people. The students, the teachers, and even a particular cafeteria worker have all made this experience amazing and memorable.
        So, two more weeks. Let’s make them count.