老师,我是你的红娘!我会找到你一个对象![Teacher, I am your matchmaker! I will find you a boyfriend!]
Throughout this past week in my Chinese class, we have been studying vocab related to love, dating, and marriage, so it was only appropriate that this Friday our “real- life activity” was related to this topic. After our normal Friday routine of testing had ended, our Chinese teachers divided the class up into groups to get started on the activity. The goal of the activity was this: to search several Chinese dating websites, narrow down “good candidates” for our teachers to date, and present the top contenders to our teachers over powerpoint. Though this goal of this activity was not literally to find our teachers boyfriends, it was, nevertheless, one of the most fun activities we have done yet.
Though most of the candidates were very handsome and had great hobbies, family lives, etc, there was one “contender” that really needed some help- Harry. Though Harry was not particularly bad looking, nor showed any major indications that he had severe problems, he profile picture was so awkward to look at, that as soon as my teachers saw his face, they all laughed to the point of tears. Harry had taken his own picture by holding his arm up above his head and looking up into his camera. He also had extremely big eyes, was not smiling, and looked about eight years old. When Harry’s group finished presenting, they also forgot to exit their slideshow, so throughout the rest of the others’ presentations, Harry’s lovely face would periodically pop up on the screen between slides. It was hysterical! 多可笑啊!
Though many other many exciting things have happened this week- paper cutting, karaoke, a carnival, accidentally eating a squid, visiting an unexpectedly large farmers market, etc. etc- I must go and start my weekend essays and research paper.
Hope you enjoyed reading! (And watch out for those Harrys…)