Hannah is studying at Indiana University’s Summer Flagship Chinese Institute
My day starts every morning when I roll out of bed at 6:30, read a little, review for the daily quiz (听写), and then walk to class an hour later. Four classes take place each morning- two drill sessions made up of new material, and two “review” sessions where we try to wrap our heads around the new material. In the middle of our morning classes, we all participate in 太极拳, or “tai chi.” My performance is similar to that of “qi gong”…
Lunch is immediately after our fourth class, when we then have a few hours to preview, review, memorize, etc. etc. Tutoring comes next at 4:30 and then our evening activity, dinner, and more previewing, reviewing, memorizing, etc. etc.
A really interesting Chinese concept that I have learned a lot about over the past week is the concept of “previewing.” This is a completely foreign concept to most of us in America, but is a practically assumed way of studying for the Chinese. If you are ever in China or have a Chinese teacher who asks you to “preview a lesson,” what s/he is saying is, is “memorize the lesson.” Luckily I met some students who had previously used this method before, or I would have completely failed the second day’s assignment. The first day consisted of simple review, but on the morning of the second day things picked up quickly. Truthfully, things jumped up and began to sprint! The second day began with a written quiz of the vocab for the next lesson (the one we had not studied in class yet) and two T/F questions about the next lesson’s text. After we had tested over the lesson, we then began to cover it in class… Yes, it was a little tricky to pick up on. After several low grades on my 听写, I think I have finally gotten the hang of it…and should probably be studying for tomorrow’s right now…